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Steel Cities Region, SCCA

We’re region #39 of the Sports Car Club of America.  Our region comprises the area around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We are dedicated to providing a safe and fun venue for participatory motorsports in western Pennsylvania. We have active AutoX, Time Trial, Club Racing, and Road Rally programs.  Check out our overall region’s website here.

At our events, you will find a wonderful camaraderie and warm mix of people. There are about 500 members in the region. We would love to have you join the fun!

What’s Solo/Autocross/AutoX?

They’re actually all the same thing! Known as “Autocross” to the non-SCCA world, Solo is the one motorsport accessible to anyone with a car. Low cost to enter and no more risk to you or your vehicle than you experience driving on the road. Push you and your car to the limit without the worry of doing damage!

Steel Cities Region events are hosted at Pittsburgh International Raceway Complex in Wampum, PA (formerly known as BeaveRun). Cars are divided up into one of the ~40 different classes ranging from daily driver economy cars on street tires all the way to purpose built winged monsters.

The course is setup with pylons (“cones”) laid out over a large paved area and the drivers take turns aiming for the quickest time around the course.  Cars are sent one at a time on intervals, and the events are designed to present low risk.  You probably won’t get out of 2nd gear, but it’ll feel like you’re flying as you negotiate the course at the limit!

At our AutoX events, you’ll probably get three runs in the morning heat followed by three runs in the afternoon heat. Your fastest run of the day counts and you’re in competition with the other folks in your class as well as for overall honors. You’ll also be required to work the course picking up cones for a morning and afternoon heat.

If you’d like to try AutoX without any pressure from competition, the PIRC Low Key AutoX Events are a great way to get your feet wet.  These events aren’t SCCA events, but are run by Steel Cities under contract to Pittsburgh International Race Complex. These are test ‘n tune style events with just you, the course, and a timer. You’ll get a bunch of runs, and there’s also no requirement to work. Check out their website here.

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