Supplemental Regulations

Events will be held under the current SCCA Solo Rules (see and these Supplemental Regulations.


  1. Impairment by alcohol or any use of controlled substances will not be tolerated. Alcohol or controlled substance use/impairment will follow SCCA Solo Section 1.3. In addition, use of alcohol is prohibited prior to the event start and until the last run of the day has been completed. These restrictions also apply to crew / others who are associated with the driver. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in suspension of competition privileges for up to ten events for the first offense, and suspension of competition privileges for life for subsequent offenses. Presence of an open container will be considered as usage and will be treated as such.

  2. No tire warm-ups of any kind are allowed. Violators will be disqualified.

  3. Speed limit in the pit/paddock is 5 mph. Speed limits in non pit/paddock areas will follow posted limits.

  4. Drivers are responsible for the actions of their children, pets, crew, and guests.

  5. Passengers are allowed at any time within the limits set in the SCCA National Solo Rules Section 1.3 without penalty.


  1. Each event entrant must present their valid driver’s license at Registration.

  2. In compliance with SCCA Solo Section 6.1, all competitors are usually required to work the event. If there is a situation that prevents you from filling your work assignment, bring it to the attention of the event chair / worker chief and they will work with you to resolve the issue if possible.

  3. Qualified replacements may be used as substitutes in worker assignments. However, substitute workers must notify the Chief of Workers of the substitution and sign the waiver form if they have not already done so.

  4. An entrant’s failure to report and perform work assignments as required may result in disqualification for the first offense. Subsequent offenses may result in suspension of competition privileges for five events.


  1. Vehicle number and class identification are highly encouraged to conform to SCCA Solo Section 3.7. If a competitor is unable to comply with 3.7 at the event, alternate identification approved by a Steel Cities Solo BOD member is required.

  2. Numbers are assigned on a first come, first served basis and apply for the duration of the season.

  3. All vehicles must be adequately muffled to conform to Solo Section 3.5 and noise levels are not allowed to exceed 100 db per Appendix I measurement procedures.

  4. Classes offered will be those provided as national open classes per the SCCA Solo rules. In addition, two “PAXed” classes will be offered which will be scored using the PAX/RTP index. See “Supplemental Classes” below.



  1. Open to any female entrant running in a vehicle prepared to any Open class rules.

  2. Women are not required to run this class to be eligible for the Lady Driver of the Year award.

  3. Ladies class entrants will be designated with an “L”, optionally followed by their base class. For instance “L” or “L-CP”.

  4. Scored using the current year RTP/PAX index.


  1. Open to any entrant who has run 3 or less competition events with SCCA or any local autocross club.*

  2. Entrant can only participate in the Novice Class for 1 season.

  3. Novice class entrants will be designated with an “N”, optionally followed by their base class. For instance “N” or “CP-N”.

  4. Scored using the current year RTP/PAX index.

*Some exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Novice Chief.

Street Tire Shootout

  1. Open to any entrant running in a vehicle prepared to any Open class other than Street and Street Touring classes, regardless of experience.

  2. The vehicle must use tires meeting SCCA Solo Section 14.3, except for width restrictions (i.e. Street Touring tires with no width restrictions).

  3. All other Open class rules apply, specifically including wheel restrictions.

  4. Street Tire Shootout participants will be designated with an “T”, optionally followed by their base class. For instance “T” or “T-DM”.

  5. Scored using the current year PAX/RTP index.
  6. Street Tire Shootout participants are eligible for Driver of the Year awards, and PAX times will be additionally adjusted by a .980 factor to account for the street tire requirement.

Other supplemental classes may be created or removed on a per event basis.


Class championships will be awarded at the end of the year, determined as follows:

  1. The best six events will be counted. Competitors must have competed in at least six events to be eligible for awards.

  2. Individual event class points are based on both your time and your class winner’s time. Divide your class winner’s best time by your best time, multiply the result by 1000, and round to the nearest whole point.

  3. Awards will be distributed as follows: One award for one to three eligible competitors in a class; two awards for four to six eligible competitors in a class; three awards for seven to nine eligible competitors in a class; one additional award for every three additional eligible competitors or fraction thereof (e.g., six awards for 18 eligible competitors).

  4. Ties will be broken by comparing the following in descending order, until the tie is broken. (For the purpose of tie breaking, all events attended will be used):

                            –  Number of event wins.

                            –  Number of 1000 point events.

                           –  Number of 999 point events.

                           –  Number of 998 point events.

                           –  etc


A Driver of the Year award, Lady Driver of the Year award, and Novice Driver of the Year award will be given to the best Solo driver, best female Solo driver, and best novice Solo driver in the region respectively, determined as follows.

  1. The current year PAX/RTP index will be used to equalize cars/classes. The index will be available upon request.
  2. The best six of ten events will be counted and the class points system will be used with the indexed times to determine DOY points.
  3. Ties will be broken per the class championship system.
  4. Novice drivers must be in their first full year of Solo competition. Novice eligibility is at the further sole discretion of the Steel Cities Solo BOD and may be revoked under special circumstances.
  5. Street Tire class competitors will have their times adjusted by a .975 factor to account for the tire requirement.


Section 11 of the SCCA Solo Rules does not apply. Awards and Mementos will not typically be provided at events.


Entrants are highly encouraged to attempt to resolve problems and issues in an unofficial manner prior to filing a protest.

  1. Any protests shall be accompanied by a non-refundable protest fee of $25.

  2. Before filing a protest, entrants should be familiar with the SCCA Solo Rules sections 8 and 9, which will be followed unless superseded by these supplemental regulations.

  3. For the purposes of protests, “Impound” is defined as the competitor’s grid spot during their heat and competitors are automatically released from impound upon completion of their runs.

  4. Bonds, if required per section 8, are due in cash or other guaranteed funds.

  5. Protests will be heard and judged by the Solo Chairman. In the event the Solo Chairman is absent, the Assistant Solo Chairman will hear the protest. In the event neither Chairman is present, the remaining Steel Cities Solo BOD members present will hear the protest.

  6. Protest decisions may be appealed to the Steel Cities Solo BOD and their decision is final. SCCA Solo Rules section 10 does not apply.